Resort Equities Real Estate

Comprehensive Services

A uniquely experienced and vertically-integrated organization which specializes in all phases of marketing and sales from pre-development through sell-out and beyond, our group has established a long-standing reputation having developed and guided the development of some of the most successful nationally acclaimed resort projects throughout the last 20 years, including mixed use and innovative luxury shared ownership projects. In order to maximize overall success of projects, we offer a full range of services, which may vary in scope depending on the individual needs of our client, including:

Development Services

  • Pre-development Planning & Design Oversight
  • Project Planning and Use Development
  • Financial Modeling and Project Feasibility Analysis
  • Project Positioning and Marketing Coordination

Marketing/Sales Services

  • Comprehensive Marketing Planning & Execution
  • Public Relations Development & Execution
  • Sales / Marketing Team Development & Management
  • Pricing / Phased Release Strategies
  • Brokerage Integration / Creation

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