Resort Equities Capital

New Solutions for Resorts

Resort Equities Capital specializes in providing Resort Developers, Managers and Owner Associations with a unique opportunity to obtain significant capital for resort improvements and renovations towards the goal of enhancing the appeal of their resort. We offer a pro-active, win-win approach in order to improve the price and market appeal of resale intervals, plus enhance resort financial performance through energized vacation rentals producing higher occupancy and ADR. Additionally, Resort Equities provides a global web-platform with “Vacatia” (www.vacatia.com) which showcases resorts like never before providing a specialized distribution channel that distinguishes these residences from conventional hotel advertisements.

Resort Equities program is straightforward. Through our individually tailored investment contracts, we fund the costs of resort upgrades as well as the purchase of HOA owned intervals. Resort Equities then shares future rental proceeds for a limited time with the project via a “lease option” arrangement. HOA’s receive the immediate benefit of cash to fund resort upgrades without borrowing or levying special assessments.

Additionally, Resort Equities can actively assist Property Managers and HOA’s in implementing the upgrade work.

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